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How to prevent your website from being hacked

That’s easy. You just need to set up backups, keep an eye on your WordPress updates, do them once in a while, test your website each time you apply updates, fix update-related errors, keep track of security patches, and scan your website for malware.

Or just use our expertise to do all of the above for you.

What we do

How we keep your site secure

WordPress Updates

Core, Plugins, and Themes require updates. They are not only new features but also security patches. Outdated components make your site vulnerable.

Update fixes

Not always everything goes well during an update, but we got you covered. We’ll fix issues caused by the updates free of charge.


It’s crucial to have a restoration point in case anything goes wrong. We save your site to an external location and can restore your site anytime.

Sandbox environment

We don’t mess with the live sites. Every change is tested in the sandbox WordPress first, so we’re confident your visitors won’t see any funky stuff on the site.

Malware scans

Weak user password or another breach? That happens as well. We’ll scan your website to ensure it doesn’t show or redirect to any weird sites.

Uptime monitoring

We’ll notify you if there’s a website or server failure and the website is unreachable. This way, we can react quickly and not lose visitors.

Our Customers

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Why BracketSpace

We have 10+ years of experience with WordPress. Having free and premium WordPress plugins made us work with hundreds of WordPress websites. That’s not only supporting our own software. At the Department of Web, we’re building custom websites. We can push WordPress to its limits, and we know it inside out.

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